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License Agreement

The following agreement is between ADmusiclibrary and all users of ADmusiclibrary.com

By using the ADmusiclibrary.com website and our products, you will be agreeing to the legality of the following terms and conditions and their binding nature:
1. ADmusiclibrary is either the owner or master licensee of the tracks. Any tracks available from the Admusiclibrary.com are licensed but not sold to you by ADmusiclibrary.
Except for the tracks in the "Long Song" session (see clause 2), any payment made to download tracks gives you the non-exclusive right to incorporate these sounds into your audio visual production, website, videogame, or other media production. You will not be obliged to pay any additional royalties, license fees, or any other fees to ADmusiclibrary.*

*As a production company, unless you are also the broadcaster, no royalties will be due relating to those ADmusiclibrary tracks intended for public performance, Radio or Television broadcast.
By virtue of being required by law to pay a blanket PRS license regardless of the music used, any TV or radio company is thus legally known as "the broadcaster".

Any company using any of our material for music on hold is nonetheless still judged to be the broadcaster and is therefore required by law to negotiate a licensing agreement with PRS.

2. The "Long Song" session: all these tracks are intended solely for integration within all non-broadcast media such as website, games, CD/DVD ROM, electronics devices, audio books, software applications, presentations.
Their use within broadcast media such as advertising on TV or Radio is prohibited. In the event of these tracks being required within a broadcast media, you are obliged contact us so that we can determine the cost of the broadcast.

3. You may not distribute, sell, rent, lease, sub-license, assign, or otherwise transfer any of the tracks.

4. Any access codes or passwords used in accessing any area of the ADmusiclibrary.com website are strictly confidential. You are bound not to disclose any such information to any other party and to maintain such codes or words as confidential. Likewise pertaining to all tracks received by you from ADmusiclibrary.com – you will at all times apply due diligence and maintain strict safeguards to prevent unauthorized use or distribution thereof.
If you should become aware of any unauthorized use or distribution of the sounds, you are obliged to immediately notify ADmusiclibrary.com via our contact page.

5. In respect to any matter that arises as a result of a breach of this agreement by you, you will indemnify, save, hold harmless and defend ADmusiclibrary from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, liabilities and all reasonable expenses, including attorneys’ fees, against or suffered by ADmusiclibrary.

6. The sale or giving away of website or multimedia templates containing our music is prohibited.

7. Reproduction. Your standard license allows you to use the music you licensed in synchronization with visual media.
This may include such uses as DVD menus, CD-ROM presentations, video presentations and other visual media tools that require background music. The standard license allows you to duplicate up to 5000 copies. If you require more than this you simply need to purchase the relevant music file again or as many times as is required to meet your requirements.
We can provide custom licenses based on large quantities.