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  • SPECIALISING IN ADVERTISEMENTS. The music has been composed for advertisements, ready for your production. Each track is like a short, complete song, carefully created to play a supporting role, reinforcing your message.



The owners of ADmusiclibrary are also the composers of the music you will find in the library. This is why the price is so competitive. We own the music, we decide the price, no middle man.

This library is focused on music for advertisements.
What you find here has been carefully and successfully created with ads in mind. This is the main difference with many other libraries. Our tracks are not cuts of longer version tracks or simple loops. Each track has been carefully created to appeal the listener in a 10-60 second advertisement and support your message without being overpowering.

We have massive experience of music for advertisements on TV and radio. 
Check out our client list on our custom made music website 

We have also added the "Long Song" section where you will find songs longer than 60 seconds. These songs are for synchronisation within productions in the non-broadcast media. For this reason they cost less than the shorter songs in the main library. Please read the License Agreement.